Customer Touch Point

No one wants to put much energy to catch little business attention as social media shows the power that everything can be done right in our place. Virtual universe saves your energy, at last, inventing a meeting point in a touch. Now, we are all attuned to the trends of the digital world, and our

What’s New: Agent Attendance in 4....

Along with this pandemic issue, governs starts to slow down activities that take a back and forth transportation routine to prevent the coronavirus outbreak. This policy somewhat shifts companies working dynamics as workers demanded to stay at home, including customer service. To take part in the companies’ coping mechanism during this outbreak, we launched a

Ticketing 101: Customer Support Team Man...

A customer support team in an organization have a duty to serve their customers to fulfil their needs. The ability to deliver excellent customer experience depends on several factors, e.g. number of customers, number of services you provide, number of contact touchpoints/channels, etc. In a mature organization, the Customer Support team may grow to a

All you need to know about server

On using 3Dolphins products, there are two types of servers used as needed. On-premise On-premise has a conventional operation from the procurement to the setting of infrastructure and software. Companies are easily controlled existing database which saved right where the office belong for everything prepared independently; developers, designs, and the server itself. Companies like the

Process Flow 101: How Process Flow Work?

Process flow is basically translating codes into nodes, enables you to overview the end-to-end process of source enrichment for bot in a simple interface. This module lets you scratch external source articles to accordingly connected as answer to relatable questions. To give you an idea of what process flow looks like and how it does,

Human-AI Collaboration: Cutting Stigma o...

AI sounds like hopes and dreams, full of unicorn visions and living robots, and presumably a thing to replace human’s vacancies. This technology is blamed disrupts in a major scale, leaving unemployment as the result to blame. Although we continuously received various headline news about technology mistaken usages like crashes of driverless cars or the

Ticketing 101: Auto Ticket Distribution

This 4.0 jargon pushes companies harder to be more accessible to the customer. It lets the customers easily question your products, complaints, and else. Often, business accepts far more than the number of available agents for it creates a longer time in handling tickets. On a larger scale, it’s impractical to assign the ticket manually.

Ticketing 101: Ticket Lifecycle

In terms of contact center, every interaction between end-user and customer service agent have a common general pattern: 1.   End-user, a.k.a customer, contact a customer service agent 2.  Customer service agent gives service to the customer to fulfil their need 3.  Interaction ends On 3Dolphins SRM Platform, the interaction above applied as a ticket lifecycle,

Process Flow 101: What is That and Why D...

In 2018, we make it easier for the 3Dolphins chatbot developer to integrate any third-party resources with our bot engine by building an SDK. Any developers can build an SDK with the language they prefer. Moving forward, managing many SDK’s built by developers is hard. So, we try to eliminate this problem and simplify the

Concurrent User at a Time

There are two points businesses need to realize before deploying a bot: 1.          As the bot is expected to improve your customer experience in giving fast service, time is one of the metrics to measure the effectiveness and quality of itself. 2.         Once you release it publicly, you’ll find a massive amount of user coming

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